Desiba Energy Has Performed Its Press Launching On 8th February 2017 in Shangri Hotel

Desiba Enerji is accomplishing its first domestic solar panel investment of Turkey, in Mersin with Jurawatt trademark, produced with German technology with its German partner J.v.G Thoma. Jurawatt will decrease energy import of Turkey, and it will contribute its potential in solar energy field.

Desiba Enerji is accomplishing first solar panel factory of Turkey produced with desert type technology

Desiba Enerji is accomplishing first desert type technology solar panel factory of Turkey produced with German technology with its German partner J.v.G Thoma. It is aimed with 30.000 million Euro investment that contribution in the meaning of production, employment and exportation to the Turkey economy, of the solar panel factory will be established in Mersin under Jurawatt trademark. Panel importation made from abroad will decrease; share of Turkey in renewable energy sector will increase by the production performed.

Deputy Chairman of Desiba Enerji Mustafa Ulkan Delikan spoken in press meeting performed for Juarawatt will start production as of April with the object to ease to reach sustainable energy and to move our country to the top of the energy league by Desiba Enerji and its German partner J.v.G Thoma,  has stated that they will be one of the biggest domestic panel producers of our country through the investment.

Delikan said that ‘’Nowadays that our government declared economical mobilization a veritable, we are greatly priding to make investment to the Turkey. World energy market is at a turning point. Reaching to the sustainable energy is one of the most important undisputed subjects of our epoch. It is predicted that the global energy demand will increase at the rate of one-third until 2040 and share of renewable energy sources in the production of electric energy is increasing day by day. It is extremely important that also being an important player of Turkey in renewable energy sector, and increasing its competitive capacity in that field, not getting behind of renewable energy epoch.

“We are aiming to export solar energy panel to the world”
Delikan stated that it is required to positioned solar energy sector as a ground that brand new products and services which will transform all energy system in the future, will be created, has said that ‘’We are accomplishing our factory will  produce panels for solar plants in Mersin  under Jurawatt  trademark with our German partner J.v.G Thoma, with 30 million Euro investment. We are aiming  supporting exportation of our country with accretion value of our factory will start its activities in April and established on total 43.000 square meter area  as 5.900 square meter is closed and make exportation to all of the world particularly  to the countries of nearby geography. Annual production capacity of our investment will create employment for 400 people will be at the level able to meet panel production with 400 megawatt. Our production objective for 2017 is 200 megawatt.

“It is 30 percent more productive with German technology than traditional panels”
Delikan stated that solar panels in our country are produced with China technology generally and as for this investment will create a great difference in the sector through German technology, said that ‘’Through our technology named as desert type technology, due to it provides production possibility up to 125 centigrade degree, we will produce at least 30 percent more productive and long-life panels than traditional panels closing their circuits automatically at 90 degree.

Chairman of J.v.G Thoma, Hans Thoma:   “Turkey is a very suitable investment centre for solar energy sector”
Chairman of J.v.G Thoma, Hans Thoma mentioned their confidence for Turkey and Desiba trademark in press meeting, said that ‘’we are continuing our investments in 6 different countries with J.v.G Thoma global solar panel production trademark that we established in Germany 20 years ago. We are happy to come to Turkey with Jurawatt trademark in Desiba partnership. I cerebrate that Turkey is a very suitable investment centre for solar energy sector and it has a great charm.  We believe that we will do a very good job in Turkey by experience of our trademark J.v.G Thoma in solar panel production and by power of Desiba.